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Understanding bicycle accidents

People in New Jersey may not be well-informed about the ways in which most bicycle accidents occur and what they can do to prevent being involved in one. Because bikes are a popular mode of transportation, it is important for bikers to understand how they can be safe. 

Although there are many causes of bicycle accidents, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center says that most people are harmed by cars. Collisions with cars account for 29 percent of the injuries which occur, while failing to pay attention to the road only accounts for 13 percent of these injuries. It is difficult to know just how many bicycles crashes occur each year, as this kind of accident is not often documented by law enforcement.

Reducing your chances of winter-related falls

Winter is a highly anticipated time of year for many people in New Jersey. However, as you may be well aware, with winter comes a heightened risk of slipping, tripping and falling due to weather related dangers. At Lee Law Firm, LLC, we have been able to help many people who have been injured in falls. 

While you are subject to an increased risk of falling during the winter months, UPMC has provided several helpful suggestions of things you can do to reduce your chances of being injured. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • When walking on a visibly icy area, keep your foot as flat as possible and walk slowly and cautiously.
  • Invest in slip-resistant footwear that is designed to provide extra protection with thicker tread.
  • If you notice areas that have been poorly maintained by a facility you are visiting, notify maintenance immediately.
  • Do not put your hands in your pockets while you walk or load excessive items into your arms. Doing so greatly inhibits your ability to catch yourself if you begin to slip and fall.
  • If you are questioning whether or not an area is slippery, gently tap your foot on the surface to get a better idea.
  • Try to avoid areas that are uneven as they pose an extra threat when iced over.

What kind of injuries can you get after a slip-and-fall?

While you may view a slip-and-fall as a minor incident, you can sometimes sustain serious injuries. A previous blog discussed brain injuries incurred after a slip-and-fall. This blog will cover the other kinds of wounds you might experience.

When you fall, you might harm your knees. The Brain Injury Society says that if your knees twist as you fall, you might dislocate your knee or sustain an injury to the ligament or cartilage. These wounds can cause you to feel much pain because your knees support a significant portion of your body weight. You may also wound your shoulders. Your rotator cuff might be strained or sprained or even torn if your fall is a particularly bad one. These injuries occur because you may sometimes use your hands to catch yourself or your shoulder may take the brunt of the fall.

New Jersey car accident claims driver's life

For many New Jersey motorists, the privilege of driving is taken seriously with careful attention paid to following the rules of the road. However, there are times when everyone may face perilous circumstances as the result of a distracted driver, inclement weather or even vehicle malfunctions. Because everyone is subject to the inherent risks when driving, it is important for drivers to do their part to protect themselves, their passengers and other motorists on the road. 

In a recent incident in Parsippany, one motorist was unable to escape the injuries he or she sustained in a serious car accident. The crash involved three vehicles and occurred on Route 80 in the early morning hours. One of the vehicles involved in the crash overturned. The driver of that vehicle was killed. Authorities have not released any details about the driver's identity at this point. The incident happened around mile marker 41.2 and resulted in the closure of two westbound lanes while authorities investigated what caused the accident. This closure was effective for several hours. Information about the condition and identities of the other drivers is currently unknown. 

Increase your safety by driving defensively

As you may be well aware, driving on New Jersey roads can mean you are constantly surrounded by hundreds of other drivers at a time. Even though you may be the safest driver on the road, unfortunately you are still at risk because of the actions of others. At Lee Law Firm, LLC, we understand the complexities of car accidents and have helped many people overcome difficult circumstances. 

According to GEICO, you can be a defensive driver to better protect yourself, your passengers and other drivers on the road. Here are five simple tips to help you become a better defensive driver:

  • Scan the road: When you are driving, your eyes should always be fixed on the road ahead. However, you should also scan your surroundings in an effort to recognize potential dangers. 
  • Stay focused: One of the biggest and costliest mistakes you can make while driving is to become distracted. Anything from eating, talking and manipulating electronics are all considered distractions. 
  • Plan your route: Take the time to map out a route to your destination before getting behind the wheel. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar place, do a little research and make sure your directions are accessible. 
  • Be courteous: Do not allow yourself to become angry, aggressive or offensive to other drivers on the road. This kind of behavior is dangerous and can quickly spiral out of control and endanger your life as well as the lives of those around you. 
  • Watch the brake: Never follow another vehicle too closely, and if you are sitting in traffic always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Brake early to avoid having to slam on your brakes or swerve out of the way which can cause an accident.

Can you be prepared for a car accident?

If you are one of the many drivers in New Jersey, you may be well aware that traversing the state's thoroughfares can be crazy and even dangerous at times. Your efforts to drive defensively and with careful attention to the rules of the road can help you to avoid danger and travel safely. However, at times, you may be unable to escape a car accident and find yourself sitting in the middle of a crash. Fortunately, there are things you can do ahead of time to be prepared for a car accident in case it happens to you. 

According to GEICO, you should always keep a vehicle safety kit inside of your vehicle. The items you should pack include the following:

  • Flares
  • Blanket
  • Tow rope
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • Basic tool kit 

How do concussions affect the body?

When New Jersey residents get into car accidents, there are certain areas more prone to injury than others. The neck, back, or head are some of the most common areas and also net some of the most potentially harmful injuries. Concussions are among these, with many people underestimating their severity.

Mayo Clinic defines a concussion as the swelling of brain tissue that occurs after the brain has hit the interior of the skull. In essence, you bruise your brain by hitting your head so hard that the brain itself hits your skull. It bruises like any other part of your body, but this can be especially traumatic for the brain itself. Swelling, blood clots, and other damages can cause you to have problems with your emotions, memory, personality, and more.

Object detection technology for autonomous vehicles

When it comes to car accidents, New Jersey residents know that these things are a part of life yet they are always events one hopes to avoid and would love to see or hear about fewer of. A person can make the commitment themselves to drive safely but that does not always provide the protection one needs.Too many other people out there continue to make dangerous choices like getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol, when too tired or after taking prescription or illegal drugs. Things like texting and driving also put innocent drivers and passengers at risk on a daily basis.

These are some of the reasons that autonomous vehicles are being looked at as a potential to help reduce car accidents. No longer would the human driver have the ability to make these choices as it would be the computer in charge, not the human. One type of technology that Delphi Automotive, a vehicle parts maker, is looking to use in products for self-driving cars is directly pertinent to this improved safety.

Suing Uncle Sam: Premises liability in government

With accidents and injuries common on public roadways and in spaces such as parks, people in New Jersey should be aware that the government has some protection that private businesses do not have. For those who believe they have a case against a government agency, it is important to note the differences.

As FindLaw explains, this protection is due to sovereign immunity, which used to prohibit people from suing government entities. The rules have since changed, allowing the government to be held responsible in certain cases, including personal injury claims. There are differences, however, from bringing a case against a private entity. First of all, bringing a case can have added hurdles, including filing an administrative claim before a civil case can be brought in court. There are also time limits on claims against the government that can vary state by state, so for those who believe they have a serious claim, it is important to seek legal counsel quickly. There are exclusions, in some states, on the type of lawsuits that can be filed, such as restrictions on medical malpractice lawsuits or suing a legislator. States also often put limits on the amount of damages able to be awarded to a plaintiff, which can lower the amount awarded by a jury. 

Eight people injured, two die in DUI accident

While distracted driving has quickly become a serious danger to New Jersey residents today, drunk driving continues to plague innocent people everywhere. Even with a plethora of facts and public awareness campaigns, too many drivers refuse to hand over their keys after they have been consuming alcohol. As a result, accidents keep happening that leave drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists injured or even dead unnecessarily.

One such senseless accident happened recently in New Jersey along the Grand Central Parkway. The wreck took place on a Sunday morning and left eight people injured and two people dead. One of the deceased was a 16-year-old boy who died at the scene of the crash. The other deceased person was 34 years old and he died at a hospital. The drunk driver and seven other people were hurt in the incident.


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