Insurance Broker Malpractice Can Put You In Dire Straits

We all need insurance to cover our businesses, homes, personal property and health. But with so many policies for sale, figuring out on your own how to buy the right amount and type of coverage for your particular needs can be confusing. Insurance brokers are supposed to help guide you through the process, but when they fail to make your needs a priority, you could be stuck with coverage that lets you down. Imagine not being able to fix your home after a severe storm because your broker misled you about your coverage.

Our lawyers are experts at dealing with complex insurance issues. We have many years of experience working with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, public adjusters, insurance agents and brokers, and insureds, who have sustained substantial and often devastating insurance losses. Our attorneys effectively negotiate coverage disputes to resolve coverage issues without the need for litigation. When a resolution of coverage cannot be reached, our extensive trial experience allows us to litigate lawsuits in an aggressive, efficient, and cost effective manner.

At Lee Law Firm, LLC, we represent clients who have been the target of insurance broker malpractice. From our office in Springfield, New Jersey, we are tenacious in helping victims fight for compensation from careless or dishonest brokers and carriers.

What Is Insurance Malpractice?

Insurance broker negligence can take many forms. Under New Jersey law, your broker owes you several duties. For example, your broker is required to accurately explain the type of insurance he or she is selling you and point out any possible gaps in your coverage.

If your broker failed to provide you the insurance you needed or to inform you of the coverage you do own, that may be malpractice. The consequences can be disastrous. Errors and omissions in your coverage that you were not aware of can mean you will be denied when it comes time to make a claim. And if your broker fails to renew your policy, you could be in real trouble.

If this has happened to you, you may have legal options. Our attorneys are experienced in insurance malpractice law. With the help of one of our lawyers, you may be able to recover damages for the coverage you should have been able to rely on.

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