Legal Help After A Commercial Truck Accident

Truck accidents take a devastating human toll. The massive impact of a collision or being forced off the road by a 40-ton tractor-trailer usually causes permanent injuries or death. The North Jersey law firm of Lee Law Firm, LLC has the experience and resources to pursue justice for truck accident victims.

If you were seriously injured or a loved one was killed in a trucking accident, contact our Springfield office immediately. It is important that we get investigators to the scene as soon as possible to preserve evidence. We offer a free consultation, serving clients in New Jersey.

Committed to Your Physical and Financial Recovery

We recovered compensation for a family of six who - luckily - suffered only soft-tissue injuries when they were pushed off the road by a large commercial truck. The aftermath of most truck accidents is far worse. We have represented the family of a woman killed when she was rear-ended in the fog by a semi. In another accident, a woman was crushed when a truck flipped and her grandchildren in the back of the car were also seriously hurt.

We seek full compensation for the massive medical bills, lost earnings and permanent disabilities our clients have suffered. We also pursue damages for the economic loss to families and the pain and suffering of victims in wrongful death lawsuits. Certified trial lawyer Edward Lee has over 30 years of experience and the ability to sort out complicated insurance and liability issues. In one case, our firm went to federal court to resolve a Teaneck, New Jersey truck accident - the driver was from Virginia and the truck company was based in New York.

We obtain truck driver logbooks and documentation on the truck's maintenance to determine if the trucking company violated federal regulations. We gather evidence at the scene, identify witnesses, and have the truck inspected for defects.

Let us help. We are committed to no less than full compensation for our clients and their families. We provide a free consultation and take no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.

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