What Are Some Typical Car Accident Injuries?

New Jersey drivers just like you face the possibility of getting into an accident every time they drive. It’s the unfortunate result of not being able to predict and control every aspect of being on the road. That unpredictability can lead to accidents, and accidents in return can lead to injuries.

Some injuries are more common than others, and are good for frequent drivers like yourself to keep in mind. Forbes lists out some of the most common injuries resulting from mishaps with cars. The list includes:

  • Car door related injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Neck and head injuries
  • Back and spine injuries

Car door injuries can sometimes result from a door being torn from its hinges by another car. You may also be injured if any of your body parts are ever closed or crushed by a door that is slammed shut suddenly. Car doors can lead to crush injuries, which can also be caused when one is stuck inside of a small area that gets compacted. Crush injuries may also come from slower impact sources, such as your foot being run over.

As for the areas that experience the most injury in car accidents, the neck, back and head are highest on the list. Concussions are somewhat frequent, as are broken or fractured bones. The knees and legs also tend to suffer from damage. If you aren’t holding your steering wheel properly, you risk damage to your hands, wrists, arms and face as well.

Seatbelts can help to lower the amount of damage done, but unfortunately, not all of it can be completely nullified. Be aware of your weakest areas and the highest risk scenarios to protect yourself from harm to the best of your abilities.

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