What Are Crash Injuries That Are Harder To Detect?

In New Jersey, drivers like you share the road with many others, each with their own destination being their primary focal point. Unfortunately, mistakes are made and accidents happen. If you are in a crash yourself, there are certain types of injuries you might receive that are difficult for you to initially identify.

According to Forbes, common and hard-to-spot auto injuries alike usually occur in the same areas due to the position of your body in a car during the accident. For example, damage to the arms and legs are common, especially at the joints. Knees can be a weak point due to your seated position, and you can potentially break bones due to the way you hold your steering wheel. Likewise, head injuries may also occur if you hit your head against the wheel or any other part of the car.

Some injuries like fractures are harder to identify, however. Your body will usually be sore after a crash, and the overall soreness can cover up smaller bone breaks or fractures, as you may initially believe that the pain comes from bruises. Concussions can also be difficult to identify if it’s a mild one. The symptoms are much milder than you may believe and often include signs that could be misconstrued as stress, exhaustion, or other injuries. This can include agitation, trouble sleeping, headaches, nausea, and depression.

After getting into a crash, you should get a thorough medical examination. Some injuries are harder to catch than others, but all injuries should be treated quickly to avoid longterm problems.

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