Rear-End Crash Throws, Kills Biker

People in New Jersey who love to ride motorcycles are generally very excited when spring returns. Being on two wheels is far more pleasant in better weather for sure. However, weather is only one component of riding on a motorcycle and the dangers associated with sharing the roads with cars, trucks and other passenger vehicles remain ever present regardless of the time of year.

A Wednesday night along a stretch of Route 70 ended up being the last place a Manchester Township resident would ever ride his motorcycle again. That is because he was hit from behind and killed by a driver in a car. The motorcyclist, who was 65 years old, is said to have reduced his speed in preparation for turning left onto Roosevelt City Road. Apparently the 19-year-old driver in the car did not pay close enough attention and failed to slow or stop accordingly and instead rammed into the bike.

The motorcyclist was thrown from his bike and was not conscious when emergency responders arrived. Despite attempts to get the man’s heart beating or have him begin breathing again, he died at the scene of the crash. Reports did not indicate if the car’s driver was distracted by the use of a cell phone or impaired or if any charges have been filed.

After an accident like the above, surviving family members may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about how they make seek compensation for their unnecessary losses.

Source:, “Whiting man killed in motorcycle crash,” Katie Park, April 13, 2017

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