What Construction Dangers Could Pedestrians or Drivers Face?

You may already be aware that construction is a dangerous industry to work for. However, what if you are minding your own business walking or driving past a construction site in New Jersey? It may interest you to find out that being in the wrong place at the wrong time near roadwork or a new building site may be dangerous for you, an innocent bystander.

FindLaw explains that there are numerous common accidents that endanger people at construction sites. These include falling, electrocution, being caught in between objects or machinery or being struck by objects. The latter is especially true for those who do not work in construction but might be near a worksite. For example, you could be walking down a sidewalk next to a building being renovated and get hit on the head by a falling plank. You could also trip over construction debris on the walkway or fall into an excavation that was not adequately blocked off. As a driver, your vehicle might get hit by falling objects from the construction site, or you could be in an accident with a construction vehicle.

It is the responsibility of construction companies to take the proper measures to keep people safe when they are near worksites, whether they are working at the job or just passing through. You may be able to seek compensation if the company was found at fault for an accident that injured you. The information in this post is meant to educate you, but should not replace the advice of a lawyer.

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