Keep Children Safe From Heavy Furniture

When New Jersey residents make sure their home is free of hazards, they may not consider whether their furniture is safe. However, some pieces of furniture can harm children if the furniture is not securely anchored, and sometimes TVs present a hazard to children as well. It is important for people to make sure their furniture does not tip over.

Young children can easily be harmed if they try to climb furniture which is not properly anchored to a wall. says that 64 percent of the children who are hurt after furniture tips over are younger than five. Boys are most susceptible to these injuries, as statistics indicate that 61 percent of wounds caused by tip-overs are incurred by boys. Some people may think that only large TVs can harm young children. However, small TVs may present more of a danger to toddlers, as some people sometimes put smaller TVs on top of dressers and do not always properly secure them. The wounds children can receive from furniture and TV tip-overs can sometimes be severe. A toddler typically sustains injuries to his or her neck and head in 63 percent of these incidents, while 37 percent of children receive lacerations.

People can easily prevent tip-over injuries by making sure their furniture and TVs are properly secured. According to Make Safe Happen, parents should typically use wall straps or brackets to keep heavy furniture, such as cabinets and bookcases, attached to the wall. They should also make sure that heavy objects are stored on bottom drawers and shelves. Additionally, it is a good idea for parents to make sure their TV sits far back on its stand and that the stand is designed to hold the TV. When possible, people should generally attach flat-screen TVs to a wall or utilize straps to keep it securely on a stand.

People may not realize that their appliances can also fall onto children if these objects are not secured. Heavy appliances, such as dishwashers and stoves, should usually have anti-tip floor brackets. Additionally, parents should make sure a child’s snacks, books and toys are not near appliances or heavy pieces of furniture so he or she can access these items without climbing.

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