In The Blink of An Eye: Pedestrian Accidents

In cities across the country, pedestrians must use caution when crossing streets and walking along sidewalks. Just as much, drivers must maintain a keen awareness of surroundings, including those on foot. New Jersey residents have the right to feel safe when travelling, no matter the mode of transportation, and part of this safety includes protection from potentially hazardous drivers.

Just earlier this week, USA Today reported on a pedestrian accident that resulted in the death of a 52-year-old Brick resident. According to the report, the man had been walking around the area of Dorado Plaza when a 2011 Camry struck him. The pedestrian had simply been trying to cross the road. Although many pedestrian incidents with vehicles involve an intoxicated or distracted driver, the driver of this accident had allegedly been sober. At current, it is unclear whether the driver will face fines or charges.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned accident is just one of many, but what can New Jersey residents do to lower the chances of such a tragic situation? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists basic facts regarding accidents between pedestrians and vehicles, pointing out that thousands of preventable fatalities occur each year; there were 5,376 deaths in 2015 alone. When it comes to grabbing a few pedestrian tips, the NHTSA shares that the department created the Safer People, Safer Streets initiative to address this widespread issue. Under this initiative, countless cities have agreed to improve walking and biking conditions. As for personal safety steps, pedestrians can teach children the ins and outs of traffic and can wear brightly colored clothing, among other proactive methods. Pedestrians may always face a certain level of risk when out and about, but there are some safety measures one can practice to reduce the chances of an unfortunate incident.

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