Driver Only Gets Probation For Pedestrian Death

New Jersey residents who lose family members in unnecessary vehicle accidents have good reason to search for justice afterwards. One way that would make sense for this justice to come about would be via the court system if criminal charges are levied against an at-fault driver. Sometimes, however, people may be left struggling to feel that true justice was done.

Such may well be the case today for the family of a woman who was killed while after being hit by a pickup truck while walking in a crosswalk. According to a report from, the incident occurred in the evening and the driver appeared to break multiple laws including speeding, going through a red light and driving without a valid license. The man driving the truck was in his 20s and the pedestrian was 72 years old.

For the death of the woman, the defendant has been sentenced to a probation term lasting five years without any time in jail. He will, however, serve some time in jail for the series of motor vehicle violations including driving on a suspended license.

The light was apparently yellow and the man tried to get through the intersection before it turned red but was not successful. He was also going about 35 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone. At one point the man had also been charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident but he was not convicted for that offense. No other details about that part of the tragedy are known.

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