How To Stay Safe At Work

When New Jersey residents go to work each day, they usually do not consider the possibility that they might slip and fall. People encounter many hazards each day that might cause an accident, however, and it is important to understand how people can make sure their work environment is safe.

People can easily slip or trip when they go to work each day. says that people might slip on wet leaves or ramps that do not have a skid-resistant surface. Stairs without a handrail and uneven bricks can also be a hazard. Once they enter their workplace, people may sometimes trip on clutter or open drawers near their desks. Sometimes electrical cords can cause a person to trip if he or she does not know they are there, and people might also slip on waxed or wet floors.

Simply taking the proper precautions can ensure that people do not trip or slip at work. It is important to make sure every area of a workplace has enough lighting so people can see where they are going and this lighting should typically receive maintenance as soon as there is a problem. Additionally, it is a good idea for people to turn on a light as soon as they enter a room. People may also want to pay more attention to their own behavior. They should generally make sure they do not run, even if they are running late for a meeting, because they may not see a tripping hazard until it is too late. If people need to carry items to a different part of the building, it is important for them to be able to see over their load.

Sometimes small steps can increase the safety of a workplace. According to Safety and Health magazine, abrasive floor mats should be located at the entrances of buildings, as well as in other places that often get wet. People should also make sure they clean up spills and set up signs so their co-workers know the floor is wet. Sometimes people may be able to avoid tripping simply by wearing shoes which fit well. Additionally, it is a good idea to remove clutter from hallways and keep drawers shut.

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