Tips for Improving Safety While Riding a Motorcycle

Steps You Can Take to Maximize Safety

Understanding a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) ClaimWhen you take a motorcycle out on the open road, you know that there are certain inherent risks—that may be part of the allure. You’re facing the elements without the protection afforded by a passenger vehicle. A distracted motorist… a pothole or gravel on the road… a mechanical breakdown… any of these things can put you down on the pavement in an instant. But an understanding of certain motorcycle crash statistics can help you take basic measures to maximize your safety.

  • More than 50% of all bike-car accidents happen at an intersection, most frequently where the biker or other motorist is making a left turn. Accordingly, pay close attention any time you enter an intersection.
  • In two of every three motorcycle-automobile collisions, the driver of the car claims they didn’t see the motorcycle. Wear bright clothing and put reflective tape or other materials on your bike.
  • In two of every three single-bike accidents, one of the causes is excessive speed. Resist the urge to goose it, even when you know the road.
  • About one in five motorcycle accidents involve bikers who don’t have a motorcycle endorsement. Furthermore, the vast majority (90%) of motorcyclists involved in accidents have had no formal training on how to operate a motorcycle. Make certain you complete all licensing requirements and make time to take motorcycle operation and safety courses.
  • Most motorcycle accidents occur on short trips—less than five miles round trip—and the majority happen in the first couple minutes of a ride. Be ready to ride when you get on the bike.
  • Most motorcycle accidents occur at speeds of less than 30 miles per hour. You need to be just as vigilant riding around town as you are on the highway.
  • Unhelmeted bikers are three times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a crash than those wearing a DOT-approved helmet. Always wear your helmet!

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