Minimizing the Risk of a Blind-Spot Motorcycle Accident

Ways to Improve Your Visibility to Other Motorists

Minimizing the Risk of a Blind-Spot Motorcycle AccidentAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about half of the visibility around most automobiles falls into blind spots, preventing the driver from seeing nearby vehicles. The risks can be even greater for motorcyclists, given that bikes are smaller than passenger cars. Accordingly, it’s important for motorcyclists to know those blind spots so they can avoid them and use strategies to increase their visibility.

Common Blind Spots

Virtually every passenger vehicle or truck has some blind spots, even vehicles with more window space or larger sideview and rearview mirrors. As a general rule, the larger the vehicle, the larger the blind spot. Typical blind spots include:

  • Immediately behind and outside the sideview mirrors—Sideview mirrors give a good view along the side of the vehicle and straight back but typically do not show more than a few feet to either side of the car.
  • Behind and to the side of the vehicle—Rear window posts can hide an oncoming bike.
  • The A-pillar blind spot—The A-pillar runs between the windshield and the front passenger door windows and can block the view of an approaching bike.
  • The front blind spot—The front blind spot is generally found only in commercial trucks, buses, and similar large vehicles where the driver’s seat is much higher.

Tips to Minimize the Risk of Getting Caught in a Blind Spot

The best strategy is to know where blind spots are located and consciously avoid them. Keep a safe distance behind other motorists, whenever possible.

However, there may be times where you have no choice but to go into a blind spot. If so, you can improve your visibility by:

  • Gently moving side to side
  • Always wearing bright-colored clothing with reflective tape or other attention-getting features
  • Using your headlights

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