Tips for Safely Riding a Motorcycle in New Jersey Winters

How to Minimize the Risk of Injury

Tips for Safely Riding a Motorcycle in New Jersey WintersJust because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you have to put your motorcycle in the garage for a few months. Many New Jersey residents safely traverse the states roads and highways on bikes throughout the year. From the onset of cold weather until spring arrives, though, you need to take some extra precautions to maximize your safety.

Make Certain You Have Proper Protective Gear

The right protective gear is important any time you get on a motorcycle, but even more so in cold and/or snowy weather:

  • Start with a good helmet, one that will keep out the cold winter wind and has a fog-free face shield
  • Though a windscreen can compromise the full experience of riding on a bike, it will keep you warmer in the winter
  • If it’s cold and windy, consider something that will protect your neck as well, such as a scarf or balaclava (but make certain it gets fully tucked in)
  • Dressing in layers can be an extremely effective way to fend off the cold, particularly if the weather changes while you ride. Ideally, the clothing closest to your body should be made of material that will wick the moisture away—you will likely sweat under all those clothes
  • Your extremities—fingers and toes—will be most susceptible to the cold. Heated clothing, such as gloves and socks, are available

Make Certain Your Bike is Road-Ready

You can expect that your tires will lose some pressure in cold weather. Check to make certain they are in good shape and inflate, if necessary (typically only for short trips, as your tires will inflate as you ride). Ensure that all warning and other lights work, and that your brakes are functioning properly.

Use Extra Caution on the Road

In the winter, you’ll want to:

  • Lower your speed a bit
  • Minimize lane swapping or changing
  • Increase the distance between your bike and the vehicles in front of you
  • Make turns more gradually

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