Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Rights

Maximizing-Your-Insurance-Benefits-after-a-Motor-Vehicle-Accident-imgYou’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident. Your first thoughts, once you’ve received the medical care you need, are about contacting your insurance company, so that you can get all the benefits to which you are entitled under your policy. That may not, however, be the best approach. Here’s why.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses with one primary goal—to maximize value for their shareholders. They do that by minimizing the amount they pay out in claims. Accordingly, it’s in their best interests to find ways to get you to settle your claim for less. If they can deny your claim, they will. When you contact your agent to report the accident, you can expect that your agent is listening carefully, looking for ways to diminish your claim. Your agent may act like your best friend, insisting that he or she only has your best interests at heart. Don’t fall for it.

Instead of making your first call to your insurance company, you’ll usually be better served by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney before you notify your insurer. When you do, you can let your lawyer be your intermediary with the insurer, ensuring that you don’t say or do anything that might compromise your claim.

What Should You Do If Your Agent or Insurance Company Contacts You?

Don’t be surprised if, once your lawyer notifies the insurer, you get a call from your agent or from an adjustor. They may tell you that they need a written or recorded statement, so that they can “process” your claim. You are under no obligation to talk with them or provide them with any information. If you are already represented by counsel, simply give them the name and phone number for your attorney. If you haven’t retained counsel yet, tell them that you are in the process of hiring a lawyer, who will contact them. Don’t let yourself be bullied or intimidated. Be courteous, but be willing to hang up the phone, if necessary.

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