The Best Motorcycle for Hot Weather

Staying Cool and Safe While Riding This Summer

The Best Motorcycle for Hot WeatherAs motorcycle enthusiasts, we all look forward to summer, when we can get out on the open road without worries about ice, snow or other cold-weather concerns. But the heat of summer can present its own problems. There are, however, steps you can take to stay cool on your bike this summer.

The Dangers of Heat Stress While Riding a Motorcycle

If you don’t take the right precautions, heading out for a motorcycle ride in New Jersey in the summer can pose significant risks, including heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration. Here are some simple strategies for minimizing the likelihood of injury or other health concerns:

Cover your skin as much as possible—It may seem counterintuitive (and it may be a little disappointing), but you’ll typically stay cooler by covering up, rather than by shedding clothing. When your bare skin is exposed to the hot air in the summer, the cooling moisture from your body tends to evaporate at an accelerated rate. With the right gear and clothing, you’ll retain more of your body moisture and benefit from its cooling effect. Make certain you wear undergarments designed to wick moisture, so that you minimize the presence of sweat. Choose boots that are not waterproof, as they’ll generally breathe more. You can also get warm-weather gloves and vented pants. Of course, the brighter your clothing, the more visible you’ll be, minimizing the risk that another motorist won’t see you.

  • Ride early in the day-It’s almost always cooler in the morning. As added bonuses, the light tends not to be so harsh during the first part of the day, and most severe weather patterns tend to arise later in the day.
  • Make certain you take in a lot of water-Your body won’t necessarily tell you that you’re dehydrated until it’s too late. Always drink more than you think you need. It’s better to be over-hydrated than dehydrated.

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