Things You Don’t Want to Do after an Automobile Accident

Don’t Admit Fault | Don’t Let Witnesses Get Away | Don’t Take the Insurance Company’s First Offer

Things-You-Dont-Want-to-Do-after-an-Automobile-Accident-imgYou’ve suffered needless injury because of the wrongful or careless acts of another motorist. You have the right to pursue damages for all your losses, from wages and income to unpaid medical bills, from pain and suffering to the loss of companionship, any property damage or loss, or your inability to participate in activities that brought enjoyment before the accident.

There’s a critical time, in the hours, days, weeks and months immediately following the accident, when the things you do can make a big difference in your potential recovery. Here are some of the things to avoid in the aftermath of a car, truck or motorcycle crash:

Never Admit Fault

In virtually any situation, there’s something you could have done differently to bring about a different result. In the moments following a collision, with the adrenaline pumping through your veins, you may chastise yourself for not taking evasive action. Unfortunately, the things you say can be used against you at a later time. It may appear that you could have avoided the collision, but it may also be proven that another party contributed to the accident. There may also be evidence that someone else was primarily responsible for causing the wreck. Don’t speculate on how the accident happened…save that discussion for your attorney’s office. Admitting any level of responsibility is never good for your case.

Don’t Let Witnesses Get Away

The testimony of bystanders can be powerful evidence at trial. If you know someone witnessed the accident, get contact information, so that your attorney can reach out to them and get a statement.

Don’t Take the Insurance Company’s First Offer

In fact, don’t even discuss an offer with an insurance company without having legal counsel involved. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses who maximize their value to shareholders by minimizing their payouts on claims. Their first offer to you will never be for the full and fair value of your losses.

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