Why You Don’t Want to Deal Directly with Your Insurer after an Accident

The Benefits of Having an Attorney Be Your Intermediary

Why You Don’t Want to Deal Directly with Your Insurer after an AccidentOften, in the immediate aftermath of an accident (particularly, a motor vehicle collision), your first concern, after getting the medical treatment you need, is insurance coverage for your losses. You may have a great relationship with your auto insurance agent and expect that they’ll do the right things to make certain you get full and fair compensation for all your losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit businesses that place a premium on maximizing shareholder value. They do that by minimizing what they pay out in claims. Because they have extensive experience handling these types of claims, they’ll have a distinct advantage.

Here’s what typically happens in the aftermath of an accident:

  • You call your agent and report the accident
  • Your agent notifies the insurance company and your claim is referred to an adjustor

  • The adjustor “investigates” the accident, looking for ways to minimize the amount the insurance company must pay to fully resolve your claim. During this time, the adjustor will often be difficult to contact, but your losses won’t go away.

  • The adjustor either denies your claim or makes you a settlement offer for significantly less than you need to cover all your losses

How An Attorney Can Protect Your Rights with Insurers after an Accident

If, instead of calling your insurance agent, you retain an experienced personal injury lawyer, you’ll immediately level the playing field. Your attorney will know the types of damages covered by your insurance policy, as well as the amount of your losses. You won’t have to face high-pressure settlement tactics from the insurance company, as your attorney will be your liaison in all dealings with insurers. A proven personal injury lawyer will be able to anticipate the strategies and tactics of insurance adjustors and take the right steps to ensure that you get all the benefits to which you are entitled under the policy.

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