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Common Construction Site Injuries

Construction Site Accidents Personal Injury
February 20, 2019
Lee Law Firm , LLC

It’s no surprise that construction sites are consistently considered to be one of the most dangerous places to work. With much of the work done at heights significantly above the ground, and with many pieces of heavy machinery and power tools regularly in use, the potential for injury is great. Here are the most common types of accidents causing injuries on construction sites across America.

  • Falling objects — Workers at all levels on a construction project are at risk when tools, debris, construction materials or other items fall to the ground.
  • Falls from heights — In an effort to save time and money, many general contractors and employees fail to erect proper barriers at higher elevations on a construction project. In addition, ladders and scaffolding are often improperly assembled or anchored, or makeshift construction elevators don’t have adequate safety features.
  • Dangerous or defective tools or machines — Tools and machines may be poorly designed or manufactured, or may not be properly maintained, posing a risk of serious injury.
  • Caught-between accidents — Many construction projects involve the moving and placement of large and heavy items. Workers are often hurt when pinned by one of those objects.
  • Exposure to electrical current — Workers may fail to look for live electrical wires.
  • Failure to monitor or supervise employees — A contractor may carelessly fail to ensure that workers have set up necessary safety equipment, are using a tool or machine correctly, or have take appropriate safety precautions.
  • Negligence in hiring or training — A company may wrongfully hire someone without the required skills or fail to ensure that employees get adequate training.

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