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How Do Concussions Affect The Body?

Car Accidents
September 8, 2017
Lee Law Firm , LLC

When New Jersey residents get into car accidents, there are certain areas more prone to injury than others. The neck, back, or head are some of the most common areas and also net some of the most potentially harmful injuries. Concussions are among these, with many people underestimating their severity.

Mayo Clinic defines a concussion as the swelling of brain tissue that occurs after the brain has hit the interior of the skull. In essence, you bruise your brain by hitting your head so hard that the brain itself hits your skull. It bruises like any other part of your body, but this can be especially traumatic for the brain itself. Swelling, blood clots, and other damages can cause you to have problems with your emotions, memory, personality, and more.

Physically speaking, it can also cause you a lot of grief. You may experience balance issues, trouble reading, or difficulty comprehending conversation. Your speech may become slurred, or you can have trouble forming words or translating your idea to words. You can have a hard time concentrating on things, and may experience mobility issues which can be worsened by feelings of nausea or dizziness. You may find yourself falling or dropping things more often.

Fortunately, most concussions will heal on their own as other bruises on the body do. However, you should keep a careful eye on your concussion. Due to the location, anything that goes wrong could have massive effects on the rest of your body and your overall state of health.

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