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How Do You Keep Toddlers Safe at Playgrounds?

Premises Liability
August 24, 2018
Lee Law Firm , LLC

When you take your toddlers to a playground in New Jersey, you usually do not think they will get hurt as they play. Young children may easily incur an injury on a public playground, though, and it is important to know what you can do to keep your child safe.

There are many ways a child can get hurt on a playground. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a toddler might incur an injury if he or she runs into a stationary object or another kid. Young children might also fall off of playground equipment or get cut on sharp edges. Additionally, they may get their heads stuck in the openings and gaps of playground equipment.

You can typically keep your children safe on the playground by being proactive. It is a good idea to pay attention to the way your toddler accesses playground equipment. You may want to make sure he or she uses straight stairways and ramps, as these are usually easy for a young child to navigate. Although some kids may want to use tire climbers and climbing nets, it is a good idea to direct them toward easier access points if your children do not yet have the coordination to use these entrances.

It is also a good idea to make sure your child uses the appropriate climbing equipment. Some climbing equipment may go higher than other structures. Equipment designed for toddlers typically takes them 32 inches off the ground. You may want to make sure your toddler does not climb a structure if he or she might fall more than 32 inches before hitting the ground.

This information is general in nature. It should not be used in place of legal advice.

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