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Under longstanding New Jersey law, a residential or commercial property owner, as well as any person who exercises control over that property, has a duty to keep the premises in ways that minimize the risk of injury to others who are legally visiting the property. Many property owners either ignore those requirements or simply pay lip service to them, failing to take simple steps to be aware of potentially dangerous situations, to fix any known dangers, or to warn visitors of dangerous situations.

When you have been injured in a slip, trip and fall on residential or commercial property in Newark, or anywhere in New Jersey, you want a knowledgeable and proven attorney to help you get compensation for all your losses. You want the Lee Law Firm, LLC.

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Attorney Edward Lee has fought for the rights of injured people in Newark and across New Jersey for more than 30 years, including people who have suffered any type of injury in a slip and fall. Highly regarded by his colleagues in the legal profession for his oral advocacy skills, Ed is certified as a civil trial attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court, an honor he’s held since 2005. He’s among the “Top One Percent” as designated by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel and has long been a New Jersey Super Lawyer. His clients have given him an Excellent rating with Avvo and he’s a Top Lawyer Lifetime Member of the Global Directory of Who’s Who.

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What Are the Typical Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Newark

Slips, trips and falls can be caused by a variety of factors. We handle all claims involving careless maintenance of residential or commercial property, including:

  • Mishaps involving slippery floors, steps, sidewalks, driveways or other thoroughfares
  • Accidents caused by damaged or broken steps, pavement, asphalt, ramps or other walkways
  • Slips and falls due to inadequate lighting
  • Injury claims arising out of torn carpet or linoleum, broken tiles, loose floorboards or other dangerous or defective flooring
  • Accidents caused by the accumulation of trash, debris or foreign objects on walkways or thoroughfares
  • Slips and falls that occur when property owners fail to reasonably respond to inclement weather, such as snow, ice, hail, rain or sleet

What Is Required to Establish Liability in a Slip and Fall Case?

Though a slip and fall claim can be based on intentional acts, most premises liability cases are founded on the legal theory of negligence. To show negligence, the injured party must prove that:

  • The defendant (person from whom damages are sought) failed to act as a reasonable person would
  • The failure to act reasonably caused the slip, trip or fall
  • As a result of the slip and fall, there were real and actual losses

Under the premises liability laws in New Jersey, the legal responsibilities of a property owner vary, based on the “status” of the visitor:

  • If the jury determines that the plaintiff is an “invitee,” someone who has expressly or impliedly been invited onto the property by the owner, the owner must use the highest standard of care—the premises must be inspected on a regular basis, and the owner must either fix any dangerous conditions or reasonably warn visitors of hidden defects
  • If the visitor is considered a “licensee,” i.e., someone who has entered the property for his or her own purpose, the property owner has no duty to regularly inspect the property, nor any duty to make the property safe. The owner must, however, make potential visitors aware of any known dangers that the visitor is unlikely to discover.
  • If the visitor is deemed a trespasser, someone who came on the premise without permission or legal right, the only duty owed by the owner is to refrain from willfully or intentionally causing harm or injury

What Types of Injuries Are Customarily Included in a Newark Slip and Fall Claim?

You have the right to seek compensation for any injury or loss resulting from a slip and fall, including sprains, strains or connective tissue injury, as well as serious and catastrophic loss. You can recover damages for spinal cord or traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken bones or fractures, paralysis, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and amputation or loss of limb. Surviving family members may also file an accidental or wrongful death claim when someone is fatally injured in a slip and fall accident.

What Damages Can the Jury Potentially Award in a Newark Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

You can ask the jury to return a verdict that covers any and all losses sustained in a slip and fall, including:

  • Income or wages lost because of your inability to work
  • Medical bills not covered by insurance
  • Physical and mental pain and anguish stemming from your injuries
  • Your inability to be involved in normal activities of daily life or to do the things you used to do before your injury—commonly referred to as “loss of enjoyment of life”
  • The loss of close or intimate relationship or contact with family members and friends, known as “loss of companionship or consortium”
  • Any property damage or loss suffered in the fall

I Am Partially to Blame for a Newark Slip and Fall Accident. What Happens Now?

It’s not unusual for a jury to find that the injured party played some role in causing the accident. In those situations, the court will apply the New Jersey comparative negligence laws, reducing the potential damage award by the degree of liability (as established by the jury), and potentially preventing any recovery in situations where the injured party was primarily responsible for causing the slip and fall.

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