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New Jersey’s Point-Based Driving Records

Traffic Tickets In New Jersey
January 6, 2021
Lee Law Firm , LLC

How the System Works and the Consequences of Accumulating Points

In New Jersey, when you’re convicted of or plead guilty to a traffic violation, you can expect to pay a fine. In addition, you may have points added to your driving record.

The Point System in New Jersey

In New Jersey, every moving violation carries a certain number of points, ranging from two to five, based on the type of infraction. (One exception—leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury—carries an eight-point penalty.) Two points are given for most violations, but a handful will incur five points, including racing on the highway, reckless driving, improperly passing a school bus, tailgating, and exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 miles per hour. Drivers even incur points on their New Jersey driving records for out-of-state moving violations.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission maintains your driving record and can add surcharges to your vehicle registration if you’re convicted of specific offenses or accumulate a certain number of points. Examples of additional fees that apply to specific moving violations include:

  • $250-per-year surcharge for three years for driving a vehicle without valid insurance,
  • $250-per-year surcharge for three years for driving a vehicle while your license is suspended, and
  • $100-per-year surcharge for driving a vehicle without a license or with an expired license.

Furthermore, if you accumulate more than six points within any 36-month period, you will be required to pay a $150-per-year surcharge for three years. Any additional points add another $25 per year.

Once every five years, you can elect to enroll in defensive driving school, thereby taking two points off your driving record.

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