Fight Back After A Gap In Insurance Coverage Lets You Down

Gaps In CoverageAt Lee Law Firm, LLC, we provide experienced, effective legal guidance for people in New Jersey who have discovered unexpected gaps in their insurance coverage due to a negligent insurance broker. From our office in Springfield, we serve Union, Essex, Middlesex and surrounding counties throughout New Jersey.

When Your Insurance Coverage Does Not Cover Everything

There are many ways an insurance broker can fail to live up to his or her legal duties, but failing to disclose gaps in a client’s coverage is one of the most common forms of insurance broker malpractice. Gaps in coverage are often the result of your broker failing to alert you to a problem in your coverage, failing to understand the terms of the policy he or she is selling you, or other forms of malpractice.

This negligent conduct can put you in serious financial jeopardy. If you have tried to make a claim, only to find out that your policy does not cover what you need help with, it could seem like your only alternative is to pay out of pocket. Bills for medical care, home repairs and other things insurance normally helps cover can be very steep — more than most people can afford.

Take Action With One Of Our Lawyers

Fortunately, you could have other options. Our attorneys provide tough, experienced representation against insurance brokers who have failed to disclose gaps in coverage. Our skill at insurance litigation is well-known, and we are effective negotiators as well. With one of our lawyers by your side, you have the best possible chance of collecting maximum damages.

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