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Uber & Lyft Accidents

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Uber and Lyft ridesharing companies offer unmatched convenience, but accidents involving them are unbelievably complex. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in an Uber or Lyft accident, confusion may arise about liability—whether the driver or the rideshare company is responsible. The circumstances, like transporting passengers or en route, impact available insurance coverage. Insurance companies may resist compensation, necessitating hiring a seasoned Uber & Lyft accident lawyer in New Jersey.

Lee Law Firm's acclaimed attorneys recognize the intricacies of these cases, conducting thorough investigations to secure your rightful compensation. Trust our proven track record in obtaining millions for clients. When Uber or Lyft accidents occur, our experienced team is prepared to safeguard your rights.

Determining Liability for Injuries in an Uber or Lyft Accident

Uber or Lyft rideshare accidents, especially those causing severe injuries, can leave victims in a state of shock. At this point, you may want to seek compensation, but it can be challenging to determine who is liable. Should you hold the driver accountable for negligence or file a negligence claim against the rideshare service focusing on negligent hiring or supervision practices- all this can make pursuing a claim a holy grail. It's vital to understand that several contributing factors may lead to accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers:
Using phone for navigation purposes
Distractions caused by passengers
Fatigue from extended working hours
Aggressive driving
Illegal stopping on the road
Knowing these factors is essential when establishing liability for injuries sustained in rideshare accidents.
Our Uber accident attorney will comprehensively investigate your case to determine the exact cause of the accident and, therefore, who is at fault.

We will help you navigate insurance complexities, including personal insurance, the driver's insurance, and the ridesharing company's carriers, which can otherwise pose a significant challenge for claim resolution. At Lee Law Firm, our priority is securing the highest available compensation for clients injured in Uber or Lyft accidents.

 With a comprehensive understanding of New Jersey laws, we confidently challenge formidable insurance companies that resist accepting liability. We know that Uber/ Lyft driver liability coverage has three components, with the terms of the coverage contingent on the specific stage of work the driver was in during the accident. For example:
Off-Duty- If the driver is off-duty, their insurance is liable for injuries and damages.
In Service and No Passengers- Ridesharing companies offer contingent insurance with $1,000,000 for injury liability per accident, $25,000 for property damage and up to $50,000 per person injured.
In Service with Passengers- With an active passenger, both driver and passenger are covered by the ridesharing company's liability coverage, providing up to $1,000,000 for liability and an additional million for underinsured or uninsured coverage. Injured victims should contact the ridesharing company's insurance to assess coverage for injuries or property damage beyond personal insurance limits.
Our competent and experienced Uber and Lyft lawyers in New Jersey ensure that our clients secure the maximum compensation from each party involved in causing the accident.

Common Uber and Lyft Accident Injuries

Similar to any other car accident scenario, whether you're a passenger or an occupant in a vehicle struck by an Uber or Lyft driver, the potential for serious injuries in a ridesharing crash is substantial. These injuries may include:
Head injuries
Traumatic brain injury
Fractured bones
Cuts and lacerations
Spinal cord injury
If injured in an Uber accident, understanding average settlement amounts is crucial. Injury claim settlements involve economic (medical expenses, lost wages) and non-economic damages (pain and suffering). Your compensation depends on injury severity. Determining future economic damages, considering long-term rehabilitation and home modifications, often involves expert evaluation. And that's what we do. Our experienced attorney ensures your best interests, particularly in cases of severe, long-term injuries. We strive for the best possible Uber accident settlement for every client.

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