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Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Neglect And Abuse
January 24, 2020
Lee Law Firm , LLC

Protecting Your Loved Ones in Nursing Homes or Assisted Living

It’s always a difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home or assisted-living care, but that decision can be even more painful if that person becomes the victim of neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, as nursing homes and assisted-living centers become more focused on turning a profit and less concerned about the quality of care, the incidences of nursing home neglect and abuse continue to escalate. If you have a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it’s important to monitor their condition for signs of abuse.

What to Look for When Your Loved One Is in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

Here are some of the common warning signs of nursing home neglect and abuse:

  • Physical abuse—Does you loved one have unexplained or recurrent injuries, including bruises, cuts, or burns? Has your loved one required repeated medical attention?
  • Emotional abuse—Does your loved one seem to be unreasonably afraid? Have there been significant mood shifts? Has your loved one refused to see you? Has your loved one become withdrawn?
  • Neglect—Has your loved one lost weight? Is there evidence of poor hygiene? Is your loved one’s medication lasting longer than it should? Is it being properly administered? Does your loved one spend more time in bed? Is his or her room dirty, untidy, or constantly cluttered?
  • Financial exploitation or theft—Do personal items disappear? Have there been any unexplained changes in location or roommates?

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