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Reducing Your Chances of Winter-Related Falls

Premises Liability
November 14, 2017
Lee Law Firm , LLC

Winter is a highly anticipated time of year for many people in New Jersey. However, as you may be well aware, with winter comes a heightened risk of slipping, tripping and falling due to weather related dangers. At Lee Law Firm, LLC, we have been able to help many people who have been injured in falls.

While you are subject to an increased risk of falling during the winter months, UPMC has provided several helpful suggestions of things you can do to reduce your chances of being injured. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • When walking on a visibly icy area, keep your foot as flat as possible and walk slowly and cautiously.
  • Invest in slip-resistant footwear that is designed to provide extra protection with thicker tread.
  • If you notice areas that have been poorly maintained by a facility you are visiting, notify maintenance immediately.
  • Do not put your hands in your pockets while you walk or load excessive items into your arms. Doing so greatly inhibits your ability to catch yourself if you begin to slip and fall.
  • If you are questioning whether or not an area is slippery, gently tap your foot on the surface to get a better idea.
  • Try to avoid areas that are uneven as they pose an extra threat when iced over.

By taking these precautions as you walk outside during wintertime, you can reduce your chances of being involved in a dangerous fall. For more information about slips, trips and falls, visit our web page.

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