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Taking a look at New Jersey car crash statistics

Car Accidents
November 25, 2016
Lee Law Firm , LLC

Each year, an unacceptable number of people are hurt or killed in motor vehicle accidents. From driver intoxication to excessive speed and inclement weather, these crashes take place for a myriad of reasons. Sadly, many lost lives and debilitating injuries were preventable, but reckless drivers chose to get behind the wheel and violate laws. In Union County, and counties across the state of New Jersey, it is vital for drivers to realize just how prevalent auto accidents are and do everything in their power to prevent additional crashes.

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, more than 290,000 auto accidents happened over the course of 2014. Among these crashes, over 20,000 were reported in Union County alone, which represents a slight increase in comparison to recent years. Records show that in 2013, 19,218 auto accidents occurred in Union County. From broken bones that leave victims unable to work to burdensome medical expenses and severe pain, these crashes turn lives upside down in many ways.

Sadly, some car accident victims are unable to survive the collision. The New Jersey State Police reports that 514 fatal car crashes have taken place in the state during 2016 alone. Among these accidents, 543 lives were lost. To make matters worse, the year is not yet over and the number of fatal car accidents in 2016 will likely increase.

When families lose loved ones in these accidents, they may struggle with a number of problems, such as a considerable amount of emotional pain and financial worries. As a result, those who have had their lives turned upside down by negligent drivers should explore every option on the table.

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