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Understanding Bicycle Accidents

Car Accidents
November 29, 2017
Lee Law Firm , LLC

People in New Jersey may not be well-informed about the ways in which most bicycle accidents occur and what they can do to prevent being involved in one. Because bikes are a popular mode of transportation, it is important for bikers to understand how they can be safe.

Road accident with injured cyclist on the pedestrian crossing with passerby pedestrian providing first aid fixing mens head

Although there are many causes of bicycle accidents, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center says that most people are harmed by cars. Collisions with cars account for 29 percent of the injuries which occur, while failing to pay attention to the road only accounts for 13 percent of these injuries. It is difficult to know just how many bicycles crashes occur each year, as this kind of accident is not often documented by law enforcement.

A person’s risk of being involved in a bicycle accident depends on numerous factors. Riding along a busy road can be more risky than riding on quiet streets and people may be more likely to be in a collision if they ride their bikes at night. Additionally, people may be at more risk if they drink alcohol before getting on their bicycles.

There are several ways people can keep themselves safe on their bikes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that people should make sure a bicycle has rear and front lights and they should wear reflective clothing when they bike at night. These steps can help bikers be more visible on the road. This visibility is especially important when people ride their bikes in urban areas. This is because the accidents that lead to a biker’s death most often occur when people are in an urban setting. Additionally, bicyclists can help prevent injuries by wearing a helmet.

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