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What Should You Do If You Witness A Car Accident?

Car Accidents
April 18, 2017
Lee Law Firm , LLC

As one of the hundreds of thousands of drivers on New Jersey roads, chances are you have thought about how you would react if you were involved in a car accident. However, have you ever considered what steps you would take if you witnessed an accident?

Geico has provided drivers like you with an outline of immediate actions that should be taken if a car accident is witnessed. These include the following:

  • Be smart: Do not place your own life or the lives of other motorists or your passengers at risk by stopping to help. Ensure that your vehicle is in a safe place and that you are cautious about approaching the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Call 911: Immediately call 911 and report the accident. Do your best to be thorough about providing details including an address or location, makes and models of the vehicles involved, brief assessments on the victims’ well-being and potential dangers that may be an issue.
  • Assess the victims: Make contact with the victims and do your best to help them remain calm and comfortable. However, it is imperative that you not move an injured person because doing so could worsen his or her condition.
  • Provide a statement: Often, when law enforcement arrives, they will be seeking individuals like you who saw the accident unfold. Avoid pointing blame or giving personal opinion. Rather, focus on the facts and describe the scene exactly as it occurred. Provide your name and contact information for reference in case officials need to ask you any more questions.

While witnessing a car accident is undoubtedly upsetting, your efforts to stay calm can make a significant difference in the outcome of the victims and the clarification of an accident report.

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal advice. 

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